Savanini Brakes

MOTVE MTP BRAKES is a leading manufacturer of aluminum brakes.

Unlike competitors, MOTVE uses advanced technologies, 3D modeling, CNC machines and much more, resulting in all MOTVE products being of high quality and can be compared with original spare parts. high-quality anodized aluminum alloy is used, so that MOTVE products have increased wear resistance and are not afraid of exposure to reagents.

The production process includes: aluminum alloy raw materials → heat treatment → precision forging → machining → CNC precision machining → surface finishing such as anodizing. The factory has first-class design and development capabilities, develops high-performance products synchronously, and secures a leading position in the market.

Current parameters of MOTVE brake systems :

4POT 335x32 355х32

6POT 332x28 345x28 355x32 378x34 390x34

8POT 390x34 405x34 420x34

10POT 420x36

The set includes: composite brake discs, brake calipers, reinforced hoses, pads, adapters and fasteners, electric hand brakes

Designed for the following car brands: AUDI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, VW, HYUNDAI, FORD, Mazda, INFINITI, Nissan, SUBARU…

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